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 Suggested Interview Questions for Media

Here are some suggested questions for your interview with Career Intuitive Sue Frederick, author of I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive's Guide to Finding the Work You Came Here to do.

1.    Intuition: What is it? Are we all intuitive?
2.    Why do we need to listen to our intuition? How does it help us?
3.    What does our intuition have to do with our careers?
4.    How do we develop our own intuition?
5.    Sue, how did you find and develop your intuitive abilities?
6.    Sue, you say that we all have a mission for our lifetime. Can you explain that?
7.    Does our mission have to be manifested through our work/career?
8.    Do I (the interviewer) have a mission? What is it?
9.    Do you (Sue) have a mission? What is it?
10.    How do you help clients find their life's work?
11.    How does the everyday person who is struggling to make a living benefit from knowing their mission?
12.    How do they find their true work even in a bad economy?
13.    How do I know if I'm already doing my true work and accomplishing my mission?
14.    How do I know if I'm off-path?
15.    Why do people have to keep changing or reinventing their career directions nowadays?
16.    How can everyday people find work they love that also makes good money?
17.    How do I help my spouse/loved one who seems very unhappy with their career?
18.    What does it mean if I used to love my work and I don't anymore?
19.    What if I've just been fired or laid off?
20.    Tell us about your new book: I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive's Guide to Finding the Work You Were Meant to do?
21.    How can someone follow up with you to learn more?

Author and Career Intuitive Sue Frederick's work, described as a "breath of fresh air" and "an enlightened new perspective," has been featured in The New York Times, Self Magazine, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, Fit Yoga, and at venues like Omega institute in Rhinebeck, New York. She's the author of I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive's Guide to Finding the Work You Came Here to do; I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive's Guide to Finding & Keeping Love; Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; Dancing at Your Desk: A Metaphysical Guide to Job Happiness, and BrilliantDay. For more info, visit or email
or call 303-939-8574.