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Bridges to Heaven

Praise for the Book

“I LOVE THIS BOOK! Sue Frederick is a gift to humanity and BRIDGES to HEAVEN is a revelation. I couldn’t put it down. Filled with compassion, heart and inspiration, BRIDGES to HEAVEN allowed me to move through the veil into another dimension that is beyond the illusion of death and separation. The personal stories are not only eye(and heart)-opening they are healing and inspirational. However, this book is not just a great read, Sue also gives you a simple and clear road map, that shows you how to tune into your intuition, move through the veil, connect with your loved ones, heal your grief and experience the love, support and guidance available from those on the “other side.” This book will open your heart and change your life.”
– Carsten Spencer,
Spiritual Leader, Unity Church, Ukiah, CA. & founder of Love Life Coaching

“Little did I know when I read Sue Frederick’s book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side that she would change my life forever! Reaching out to a grieving society as a hospice volunteer, I walk along side those souls transitioning from this earthly realm to the next and stand beside those grieving for their loved ones who are searching for life’s purpose. I’m grateful to Sue for her shared experiences and her wisdom which are the reminders that I needed for my journey helping others.” 
– Judith Hamilton, PhD, Coach, Hospice volunteer

“Western society has a limited and cold view of death and grief. We’re supposed to calmly watch our loved ones die in a sanitary white box of a hospital room, then take a day off work to attend the funeral and quickly return to ‘normal’ life. In reality, the experience of intense grief made me feel overwhelmingly ill and made me yearn for healing on every level (physical, emotional and spiritual). Nothing I read at the time acknowledged that or taught me how to deal with it. Not even Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Sue’s book actually teaches that. I wish I had known about this six years ago when my mother died and I was nauseous for weeks! Thank you for this work!” 
– Helgi Maki, Attorney, Ontario, Canada

“Society is upside down on death and I gratefully applaud Sue’s brave commitment to changing our perspective with Bridges to Heaven. None of us can escape the death process, so we might as well get right with it.”
– Meardis Wells, Owner Urban Paw Prints & Luv What U Do, Denver, CO

Letter from Sue

In my upcoming book, Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side (St. Martin’s Press) available in September 2013, you’ll find many life-changing techniques and soul-awakening stories that illuminate how accessible the other realms are to us.
This book will help you experience your grief as an opening into the divine YOU, your highest self and your purpose here.
You’ll read about my departed husband Paul, childhood girlfriend Crissie, and many other loved ones who died and came back to show me that life continued on the other side.
In Bridges to Heaven I answer many of the painful questions you may be asking today like:
How can there be a God if my sweet brother died so young in a tragic boating accident?
How do I help my young children understand where their mommy went?
Why did my departed go through so much physical suffering at the end of his life?
Why am I still here and what do I do now?
Why do I feel so guilty about my wife’s death? She died of cancer so it wasn’t my fault. But I keep feeling like “if only” I had made her go to the doctor sooner…
What about unfinished business – like forgiveness? My wife died suddenly, and I didn’t get to say good-bye. This haunts me because we were arguing the day she died. How do I move past this?
How do I use my intuition to see the other side?
These and many other questions from clients are answered in the upcoming book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side.
I also reveal the Four Steps to Helping Loved Ones Cross Over as well as the Five Grief Healing Conversations that will help anyone who is grieving.
Through my work with thousands of clients, I’ve learned that everyone is capable of lifting the veil and having their own direct experience of their departed loved one’s presence. 
The stories in Bridges to Heaven will convince you once and for all that seeing and talking to your departed loved one is not only possible but necessary in order to heal your pain.
Many Blessings,
Sue Frederick